Rules and Regulations of the Competitions

    General Rules and Regulations

    1. All participants must complete online registration.
    2. Participants must be the students of any schools or any other institutions.  
    3. One participant can participate in only one competition.
    4. Participants of Group B and Group C must be present at the competition venue in school uniform.
    5. Students should endeavour to register with valid information (e.g name, phone number, email address). 
    6. All contestants are required to present a valid student identification card. 
    7. It's important to note that the rules may vary depending on the specific puzzle competition you are participating in. Make sure to review the official rules and guidelines provided by the organisers for accurate and up-to-date information.
    8. Contestants have to present in the venue by 9.00 a.m. on the event day. 
    9. Registration processing along with Gift Hampers and Kids will be provided  by 9:10 am. 

    *** N. B. The Olympiad Committee has the full authority to make changes in rules and regulations of any of the categories.

    Competition Rules and Regulation

    1. STEM  Project Contest: 

    STEM Contest is to enrich a student's approach in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The competitive approach is to devise students' mindset in combating the modern problems with modern solutions.

    Competition Rules:

    1. Participants must be a student from Grade 1 to A Level/HSC of any school or any institution.
    1. Entry is open to individuals or teams. The maximum number of members in a team is limited to 5.
    2. Provide a detailed description of the STEM project or relevance to STEM topic and accuracy of the knowledge presented.
    3. Participant projects should be DC connected. AC connection will not be provided. 
    4. Project should be unique and creative.

    Evaluation Criteria:

    1. Clear goals and objectives, motivation, presentation of resources, specific learning tasks, adaptability to individual needs will be taken into account during the evaluation process.
    2. Judges will be looking for evidence of successful knowledge transfer.
    3. Project should demonstrate eco-friendliness and its impact on real-life.
    4. Project should have a unique selling point . 

    2. Junipreneur Business Contest:

    The Junipreneur Business Contest aims to build and develop the entrepreneurial mindset amongst the school learners. To participate, you must abide to the following rules and regulations:

    1. Participants must be a student from Grade 5 to A Level/HSC of any school or any institution.
    1. Participants joining as a team must not have more than 5 members in a team.
    2. Entrepreneurship products shall be ready before the competition starts.
    3. Participants must ensure every document (such as leaflets and pamphlets) or other information for their product.

    Evaluation Criteria:

    1. Description & Purpose of the product.
    2. Targeted consumers or beneficiaries of the product.
    3. Planned investment to launch the product.

    3. Puzzle Solving Contest

    Puzzle Solving Contest aims to develop motor skills and flourish creativity amongst the toddlers.

    Competition Rules:

    1. Puzzle will be given 
    2. Participants will get a maximum of 10 minutes to solve the puzzle.
    3. Participants with the highest ratio of correct placement of puzzle pieces will be        declared as the winner.
    4. After completion, participants must place the completed puzzle in a fixed place.

    Evaluation Criteria: 

    1. Judging  panel of experts will evaluate participants' answers, time taken to solve  puzzles, and adherence to the competition rules.

    4. Coding Contest(Scratch Programming)

    Scratch Programming Contest is to provide a visual and interactive mode to learn coding concepts. It promotes creativity, problem-solving and logical thinking amongst the young learners. To participate, you must abide to the following rules and regulations:

    Competition Rules:

    1. Participants must be a student from Grade 1 to 4  of any school or any institution.
    2. Total Eight scratch programming problems will be given. 
    3. Total duration of the programming contest will be 1 hour. 
    4. Submit only a single solution for each problem. 
    5. No modification of pre-existing code is allowed. No copying of sample and/or help files will be allowed.
    6. No use of the internet is allowed.
    7. Each problem will have a specified point value. The more difficult the problem, the more points a correct solution will receive.

    Evaluation Criteria:

    1. Only correct solutions will be awarded points.
    2. Style of the solution will not be considered in the judgement.
    3.  Only the first and second submission of a possible solution will be considered.
    4. No extra time will be granted to compensate for lost time due to hardware failure, power outages, etc.
    5. All decisions of the contest officials are final.

    Who wants to be a super-techno kid?

    Champion members from each competition. 

    • Quiz questions as per the field of competition. 
    • Leadership and innovating approach.
    • Public Speaking attributes.
    • Current Affairs\General Knowledge.
    • Rubik’s Cube/Puzzle solving ability.