Every Child is born with latent creative, abilities. Children express them in many fascinating ways whether it is drawing a picture of a house on a drawing paper or building castles on the sands of a beach At My e-Kids, Children express their creativity through computer.

Get Admitted according to age level:

  • My e-Expert (Ages 15-17)
  • e-Intermediary (Ages 12-14)
  • e-Primo (Ages 9-11)
  • e-Tyro (Ages 6-8)
  • e-TinyTot (Ages 4-5)

My e-Kids Computer education contains a vast array of skills that students must try to learn.

These skills can be divided into ten core technical skills, such as:

  • • Word Processing
  • • Desktop Publishing
  • • Spreadsheets
  • • Databases
  • • Programming
  • • Multimedia
  • • Operating system
  • • Graphics
  • • Telecommunications
  • • Applied Technology

These ten skills are the key elements of my e-Kids computer education programs. Some of the exciting projects are as flows:

e-Artist: Students prepare their own art collection. Using graphics software they paint pet portraits, produce abstract art and landscapes. These activities stretch the limits of conventional paint tools and spark the imagination of the students, the young artists.

e-Scinetist: Students assume the role of a scientist. The e-Wildlife Foundation wants to create a Safari Park to protect wildlife in Africa. As a scientist, students will be assigned to create a tourist camp for money collection using computer simulation software and thus learn spreadsheet skills.

e-Movie: Students produce an animated story of a magical adventure. Using PowerPoint and PhotoEditor software they produce animated movies.

Uniqueness of My e-Kids

  • • Global Course Curriculum Designed developed and approved by My e-Kids, Uk
  • • Real life project based education
  • • One students one computer
  • • Teach in Individualized learning style-
    2. 1. Learning through seeing and watching (sample files, flash cards)
    4. 2. Learning though hearing and listening (point and click instruction)
    6. 3. Learning through touching and manipulating (hands-on learning activities)
  • • Flexible class timing after school house and weekly holidays.
  • • Use of internet in different projects under the faculty's supervision.
  • • Work shop & Seminars on latest kids related topics

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