My e-Kids Camp 2017 

Every child is born with lot of potentialities. To bring out the best of them, we need to develop them with attention & care. We believe, learning is not confine only to the lectures in the class room. Hereby, we treat our students in different way and in different manner, changing the environment and arranging different events. My e-Kids camp is an example of our efforts. It’s a regular & yearly event which has been planned to arrange every winter time. It is a day long program session where children will get opportunity to learn, make fun and play as they do and want. THE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE MYE-KIDS CAMP PROGRAM ARE

Ø To provide a summer day camp program in a rich, vibrant, and stimulating atmosphere that provides children with unique enrichment, learning, and recreational activities that foster each child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being.

Ø To provide a summer day camp program in a local, easily accessible neighborhood school setting WHY THIS INITIATIVE? In many of the developed countries, summer day is arranged for the Children where the Children’s get opportunity to show their creativity, making fun and learning. In Bangladesh our Children are not getting such opportunity to enjoy. The idea came to the mind realizing the fact. THE PROGRAM IS BASED ON THE FOLLOWING IDEALS AND BELIEFS

Ø My e-kids Camp will provide unique, unusual, high-interest, child-centered activities for all ages, kindergarten through high grades Ø My e-kids Camp will provide rich and stimulating environments that foster enjoyment and learning, and motivate children to "want to attend" the program.

Ø My e-kids must provide a controlled atmosphere in which children feel comfortable and free to actively explore and participate in camp activities.

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